You know what's better than a leather jacket? A vegan leather jacket! We've created two show-stopping leather jackets that will be the jackets of 2020. Our signature Moto Jacket is the reversible jacket of your dreams. This lightweight ruched jacket is the perfect thing to throw over an outfit to elevate it and stay cozy. Our Lena Trench Coat is Clueless come to life! Our retro 90s plaid is an outfit in itself. 

Design and Fabrication

Every garment starts with the design process. Once we find our inspiration for a style, our designer draws the silhouette and sends it to one of our Fair Labor Certified factories. Each of our factories specializes in a type of fabric, so this design is headed to our specialists in faux fur in China. We have all of our fabrics custom made for our collections, and our factory is one of the best in fabricating luxury outerwear. Having fabrics custom made adds time to the design process, but ensures that our garments have the perfect feel

About Our Vegan Leather

Vegan leather comes in many forms, but the most important part of this amazing material is that its an ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather. Raising animals for the sole purpose of using their skins as leather causes a large strain on farm land and resources; not to mention the giant amounts of toxic chemicals that are used during the tanning process. According to the U.N., animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, and 70% of the deforestation in the Amazon is due to clearing space for livestock.

Our vegan leather is made by binding polyurethane to a fabric backing. While there are vegan leathers made out of non-plastic materials like cork, these often have little flexibility and a rougher texture. The use of plastic is not ideal however it has still been found to be less harmful to the environment than traditional leather.

Now to You

Did you know that deadstock (leftover inventory from past seasons) is a huge problem afflicting much of the fashion industry right now due to the rise in fast fashion? We don't want any Ellor garments to go to waste so we produce very limited quantities of all of our styles. Once our finished garment leaves our factory, we carefully pack it to get it ready to head to you. Each Ellor garment gets extra love and attention during our entire process, so make sure you cherish it always and keep up the care, because fashion should be sustainable.