Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, and one of the largest consumers of water. Making fabric uses water, energy, chemicals, and other resources that most people don’t think about, or ever see.

Part of living our best life is caring for this planet we love traveling so much and the people we share it with. Sustainability is a major focus here at Ellor and something we continue to work towards. That's why we use ethical and sustainable production practices wherever we can. 

Not only do we source sustainably produced fabrics, but we also build sustainability into our designs. By creating pieces that work for all seasons and trends; we can help cut down on the amount of fashion waste created. 

Our sustainability journey doesn't end there though; we are constantly trying to improve our efforts, source more sustainably, and continue educating ourselves and our customers on how to help.

  One of the biggest problems in the industry right now is fast fashion; inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. Sounds great in theory, however the reality is garment workers who cannot afford the cost of living, toxic work environments, and overflowing landfills.

Did you know a garbage truck full of textiles is wasted every second? Or that the fashion industry causes over 92 million tons of landfill waste in one year?

The fast fashion problem is only growing as more and more of these companies pop up who are mass producing in China, not paying their workers enough, and releasing millions of pounds of chemicals each year. 

We're calling for a return to slow fashion; where the workers are happy and the clothing lasts.

Too often the people who make our clothes are working under horrible conditions. We would never want the people creating our pieces to be in a toxic environment, which is why we do not mass produce in questionable factories with unknown, never ending supply chains and aggressive deadlines.

We have a team of artisans, sewers and creators in our Fair Labor Certified factories in both India and China, working in safe, happy and comfortable environments. We cherish each and every person that touches our products throughout the process.

We work mostly with natural fibre fabrics like viscose, cotton and linen. The majority of our woven fabric is sustainably produced viscose. Viscose is made from the ‘cellulose’ or wood pulp from fast growing, regenerative trees such as eucalyptus, beech and pine.

Another one of our all-time favorite sustainably produced fabrics we use is linen. Linen is made from flax, and uses basically no water to produce. Our linen is strong, breezy, anti-bacterial, and extra gentle to your skin and the planet. 

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