Cotton is an essential part of everyone's wardrobe, so we knew ours had to be nothing less than perfect. We've combined our ridiculously soft BCI Certified Cotton Gauze with seven silhouette flattering cuts to create our must-have gauze line. Available in the season's hottest colors, each style is especially designed to fulfill a specific need in your wardrobe. Here's how your new gauze look was made, with you and the environment in mind.

Design and Fabrication

Every garment starts with the design process. Once we find our inspiration for a style, our designer draws the silhouette and sends it to one of our Fair Labor Certified factories. Each of our factories specializes in a type of fabric, so this design is headed to our specialists in BCI Certified Cotton in India. We have all of our fabrics custom made for our collections, and our factory is one of the best in fabricating luxury cotton garments. Having fabrics custom made adds time to the design process, but ensures that our garments have the perfect feel.

About Our BCI Certified Cotton

The Better Cotton Standard System is a new approach to sustainable cotton production that looks at the entire system holistically and covers three main tenants of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. This system is designed to ensure the positive exchange of goods and promote collective environmental action. Here's how our BCI Certified Cotton was grown:

Growing BCI Cotton seeds is much better for the environment than farming conventional seeds because it has less impact on the soil, air and surrounding environment

Farming BCI Cotton even keeps farmers and their families safe because they are not exposed to toxic chemicals in the field or through their food and water supply

Once the cotton is carefully harvested, it's then put through a ginning process to remove the seeds and clean the bales

After the Cotton is cleaned, the fibers are spun to make super soft yarn. This yarn is carefully woven to make bolts of our Cotton Canvas

At this point in the process, we cut and sew all of our styles in our Fair Labor factories

Now to You

Did you know that deadstock (leftover inventory from past seasons) is a huge problem afflicting much of the fashion industry right now due to the rise in fast fashion? We don't want any Recommence garments to go to waste so we produce very limited quantities of all of our styles. Once our finished garment leaves our factory, we carefully pack it to get it ready to head to you. Each Ellor garment gets extra love and attention during our entire process, so make sure you cherish it always and keep up the care, because fashion should be sustainable.